Fitness Competitor
Instagram: @PaigeMccoy89
Hometown: Austin, TX

Paige McCoy started her fitness journey in July of 2013. She was in a dark place mentally and physically. She hated who she saw in the mirror and knew she needed to change; 

She was overweight, abused food, and had no confidence. Paige had no idea what she was doing in the gym or how to eat healthy. However, she looked at other fitness icons on social media and pieced together what she could. That October, she hired a prep coach to help her get ready to compete in her first show. After placing 4th overall at one of the biggest shows to date, Paige fell in love with competing. She was a ballet dancer for 16 years, so the stage was something she loved already, but competing as a bodybuilder was a new way for her to show her passion for training. Since then, Paige has competed in 5 local NPC shows (2 of which she placed 1st overall). She placed 4th Overall at the Flex Model Search at Olympia and competed in Nationals in Miami. Paige feels blessed to have had the experiences she's had, met some amazing people and created memories along the way. We can't wait to see what this year and the years following hold for her!